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Your Investment Portfolio

Your Investment Portfolio can represent so many things; a lifetime of disciplined achievement, your dream home, your comfortable retirement, your legacy and so on. On one hand, you may not want to risk these savings to the vagaries of the markets. On the other, you may understand that markets have historically rewarded long term investors by increasing the value of your portfolio and providing some protection against rising costs.

Your investment portfolio should be designed to complement your Financial Plan and should consider the need for income, your tax situation, the need for portfolio longevity as well as its role in your estate. Striking the appropriate balance between the return you desire and the risk you take (i.e. the loss of your principal) is one of the most important factors in building your Plan.

Perhaps the first thing to know is that your investment portfolio can be considered a subset of your overall wealth management plan. No different than insurance, real estate or other assets, your portfolio should complement your overall financial picture.

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