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The OPWM Process

OPWM looks to simplify your financial life and provide what’s in your best interest as uncovered during the planning process. Here’s a look into how we work as a team.

Financial Plan Analysis & Implementation Process

1. Identify your concerns, hopes and desires. We’ll get to know each other and talk about what you want to accomplish, any concerns you have and your ideal plan outcome.

2. Evaluate your finances. This is when we get into the details of your financial statements to get a true picture of where you currently stand and where you want to go. Wealth management, sources of income and anticipated asset sales are just a few pieces of the puzzle we’ll cover.

3. Develop your plan. Once we’ve gathered all the information needed, we’ll design a strategy and review it together. There, we can go over any changes and what-if scenarios, go through a probability of achievement test and then recap with a summary of assumptions, risks, strengths and next steps.

4. Implement and monitor your plan. Once we’ve agreed upon a clear direction for your plan, we can sit down to resolve any outstanding issues and complete portfolio implantation to match your planning goals. From there, we will take final steps to implement the plan and establish an ongoing time frames for review meetings.

Let OPWM help you establish a starting point so that as your life evolves and changes, your financial plan will ebb and flow right along with it. Call 248.660.3934 today!

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