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As the promising, and sometimes daunting, age of retirement approaches, you likely have many questions. For most individuals in their 50s and 60s, the number one unanswered question usually sounds something like this: “Is it even possible for me to retire?" Of course, there are several variations, including: How do I plan to spend my time during retirement? Am I properly invested so that my money will last? How much can I withdraw and when? What are my best choices concerning Social Security and Medicare?

Oceanside Private Wealth Management provides an experienced financial adviser in your corner to help you answer the complex issues and steps surrounding the challenges of Wealth Management and Financial Planning.

Some of the Issues of Wealth Management are:

  • Your Investment Portfolio – Allocations, Correlations, Risk and Return Appetite
  • Your Insurance Policies – Home, Car, Life, Health, etc.
  • Your Liabilities – Debt Amount, Type, Interest Rates, Terms and Payoff
  • Your Retirement Plans – 401k, 403b, IRA's, Pension Choices
  • Business Succession Plan – Company Structure, Likely Buyers, Terms, etc.
  • Your Durable Power of Attorney for Financial and Health Concerns
  • Your Will and Executor/Trustee Choices, Charitable Inclination
  • Social Security and Medicare Optimization and Choices
  • Forecast of Income, Expenses, Taxation and Net Worth

Essentially, when it comes down to it - Oceanside Private Wealth Management is able to guide you down the right path to a solid financial future.

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