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Financial Planning and Retirement

During your working years you have many competing needs for your income. One of those is saving for your retirement. Questions such as how much should I save, what are my choices and what investments should I consider are all valid concerns.

Having said this while saving for retirement can be challenging, spending these funds in retirement can be even more challenging. It all starts with your plans for retirement, for example:

  • What lifestyle do you envision?
  • Where do you plan to live?
  • How will you handle your social security, pension and medicare choices?
  • What role does your retirement savings play?
  • How do you plan to handle health care choices and long-term care?
  • Are you responsible for other family members?
  • Are you factoring in rising prices caused by inflation and what this means to your plan?

At Oceanside we are prepared to help you address these issues and more. We recognize that the Financial Planning process and developing a Retirement Income Plan are very important to your financial health.

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